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Rick and Colleen Becerra: Owners of Ricky B's

Rick Becerra - The Driving force behind Ricky B's

"You might say that I was born into restorations. My dad built his first Model A in 1956 and I was born in 1957 during the time he was building his second Model A Ė due to the first one getting smashed by a load of lumber while it was parked where he worked.

My dad went to OTI in Klamath Falls for body work, carb rebuilding, and electronics. When I came along and got old enough to ask questions, he had all the answers.

Fast forward to 1970-72. I was looking forward to getting my driverís license. It was going to be so easy Ė pass the driverís test no problem, get on my parentís insurance, then cruise around in dadís old cars (he had quite a few by then).

Boy, was I wrong. I barely passed my driving test, then dad said ďGet your own insurance, and until you learn to appreciate cars, you need to build your own!Ē

So, with his help I built a VW Baja. It was rough, but it was my own build. I found an appreciation for restoration and stuck with it. As they say, the rest is history. I built all my own cars after that, and as time went by I improved to the point that I was working on other peopleís rigs nights and weekends. In 1995 I quit working as a mechanic and started Ricky Bís so I could restore cars full-time.

The business has grown over the years, we now have 7 employees and we not only do bodywork and paint, but we also sandblast and do detail and upholstery."

Colleen Becerra - Keeps Ricky and the gang corralled, Upholstery

Colleen worked beside Ricky for many years learning most aspects of the restoration business from metal finish work to upholstery. Although she now has her own thriving business (embroidery link), she still takes time occasionally to help with upholstery.

Jason Wheeler Ė Body Man, Painter

"I went to college at Wyoming Technical Institute then returned to Central Oregon. One day Rick asked me if I wanted to work at his shop to help him get caught up. That was 18 years ago and he is still busier than ever.

My favorite part of working on cars is doing the bodywork and block sanding, although itís all fun. Every day is something new and interesting, and I have many customers that have turned into friends."

Favorite Project
"If I had to single out my favorite car we worked on it was probably a 1970 Boss 429 Mustang."

Eric Spry Ė Assistant Shop Manager and Paint

"My senior year of high school (2003-2004) I had to do a senior project. I chose to work on a pickup. Rick (and RickyBís) were my mentor. That is where and how I got my start into cars. Rick liked my work and I liked how he was teaching me. He hired me the Monday after graduation. I have moved up from that day on learning all I can."

Favorite Project

"1970 Boss 429 - It was a very good feeling building that car. Itís one of my favorite cars, and I got to build it ground-up to OEM specs."


Jeramie Hicks - Body Man, Painter, Dismantler and Assembler, Finisher

"I started in the painting business with my cousin, painting water trucks and tanks for the Smiths in Prineville. Until I got hired on with Ricky Bís in 2006, I had never done full restoration. I do mainly body work, fabrication, assembly and disassembly, some painting, and a lot of sanding."

Favorite Project

"I donít really have a favorite, Iíve liked them all. I like to see the outcome on every different vehicle that we do."


Danny Hopper - Dismantler, Final Assembly, Final Road Tests

"I began working for Rick after I retired from the Army in 2006 as a M1A1 mechanic and recovery specialist. I mostly do the detail work and wiring, along with final walk-around and test driving."

Favorite Project
"I enjoy working on the pre-1930 vehicles because they each have such great history."

Heath Lilze - Body Man

"Before I worked at Ricky Bís I restored a 1967 Chevy pickup and was interested in learning more. I hung around the shop until Rick offered me a part-time job.

I have been here since 2009 and enjoy working on the different makes and models. I prefer to do mechanical things but I am also involved in body work, primer and disassembly, I like it all."

Favorite Project

"1967 Oldsmobile CS - Owned by Mike Jackson of Bend Oregon, itís a cool car and heís a great customer."

Curtis Sold Ė Mechanic

"Before  Ricky B's, I worked at the Tire Factory and have always worked on my own cars. Iím the mechanic here, and do a little of everything."

Favorite Project

"My favorite car Iíve worked on so far is the 1967 black Camero."

Tanner Sutton Ė Gopher

"I started working for Rick in November 2013 and Iíve really enjoyed it. Iíd not had much prior experience working with cars other than studding tires, and welding classes in high school. I am graduating from high school in 2014 and will continue to work at Ricky Bís after that.

I have been doing a lot of paint stripping and sanding. I am basically the shop clean-up kid for now, but I am also learning a lot of the things about cars. I hope to stay at Ricky Bís and restore cars for a living."

Favorite Project

"1957 Lincoln Premiere - This was a very rare and beautiful car, I sanded and blasted the trim pieces for that project."




Ricky B's Restoration & Supplies, LLC.
4508 NW Happy Hollow Dr. Prineville OR 97754
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